Taddo with

Taddo & Rick Buckholder, Head Athletic Trainer of the Philadelphia Eagles

Rick Buckholder, Baltimore Ravens Head Athletic Trainer

Taddo & John Harbaugh,

Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens

Taddo producing a dove


Here is what people are saying about Taddo's programs...

"Exactly what I was looking for. Entertainment… but out of the way! As you know, with the amount of people and other things going on last Saturday, it was important that we had you there and you fit the role perfectly. We’ll be in touch for more games.”

— Anthony Gioia, Director of Game Presentation, Philadelphia Flyers

“It was an awesome show. The ladies really enjoyed themselves and I received a lot of positive comments later at the banquet. We thank you for traveling so far. You are an excellent entertainer and I hope to see your show again.”

— Dave,
Knights of Columbus

"Taddo is a first rate magician. His skill, smooth style, and ability to captivate others is "amazing!" He performed at our Cancer Survivor`s Day celebration and added an air of mystery, excitement, and intrigue to our event. Our guests loved it. Taddo is truly a class act."

— Kathleen M. Price,
Frankford Health Systems

"Thank you so much for coming. You were a fantastic and perhaps the most popular addition to our program."

The Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse

"Thank you so much for a wonderful performance. We loved the show. What more could I ask for! Thanks for a memorable party."

— Cindy Mezzanotte

"Thank you so much for a wonderful performance. You displayed the rare ability to simultaneously entertain very different age groups. You were able to engage and entertain some of the toughest audience members I know. Again, thanks for a great show."

— Nica Flnuz

"WOW!!!!! WHAT A HIT. Taddo was one of the best things to happen in a long time. His presentation was excellent. Thank you!"

— Julie Harron, RN, MSN



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